Reading Programs

In this program students become fluent independent readers. Your child will make significant gains in phonics and word-attack skills, fluency, and comprehension, and will develop confidence and a love of reading.


Long-Word Decoding

Your child will learn to read challenging words with accuracy and ease through interactive online instruction tailored to your child’s skill level as well as through in-class activities. He or she will learn to recognize syllables, prefixes, and suffixes, and will learn a four-step strategy for reading long words.


Developing Fluency

In this program your child will learn to read more smoothly, quickly, and easily, which leads to stronger comprehension and a love of reading. In class, the teacher will lead students in fluency training exercises. At home, your child will continue to build fluency through engaging video instruction featuring Fluent Reading with Bookman.


Building Strong Comprehension

Students in this program develop strong reading comprehension. Your son or daughter will participate in guided discussions and learn to recognize story structure, understand plot, and identify with characters. At home, your child will continue to build strong comprehension through online video instruction featuring an entertaining news report, Book Club News.


Independent Reading

Students in this program become strong independent readers. Your child will read and discuss some of the best books for young readers and will develop the skills and confidence to successfully read longer books. As a parent, you’ll receive guidance for choosing the best books for your child to read after the program and throughout third grade.

Summer 2017 Priority List

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