Reading Programs

In this program students become skilled and enthusiastic readers. Your child will make significant gains in comprehension, fluency, and long-word decoding skills, and will develop confidence and a love of reading.


Improving Comprehension

Students in this program develop strong reading comprehension. Your son or daughter will participate in guided discussions and learn to follow plot, character development, story structure and main events. At home, students build comprehension through engaging online video instruction.


Textbooks and Nonfiction

Students learn skills and strategies for reading textbooks and nonfiction through in-class instruction and interactive online lessons at home. They learn how to identify main ideas and supporting information and understand how information is organized. Weak students also receive instruction in long-word decoding.


Reading More Fluently and Rapidly

In this program your child will do a lot of reading and learn to read more quickly, easily, and accurately. This leads to strong comprehension, makes reading effortless and pleasurable, and allows students to become fully absorbed in books they read.


Independent Reading

In class students will read and discuss two classic children's novels. As a result, your child will become a skilled reader with the fluency and comprehension that lead to academic success and a lifelong love of reading.

Summer 2017 Priority List

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