Reading Programs

Speed Reading

Students in this program double their reading speed. Reading faster improves concentration and comprehension, and makes reading more enjoyable. Students learn an effective speed-reading technique, receive individual guidance to achieve their optimal reading speed, and track their reading speed in class and at home.


Improving Comprehension

In this program students improve comprehension, concentration, and retention. They read a classic novel and learn to track key story elements such as plot, character development and theme through guided discussion in class and through online instruction at home. They also learn to identify and retain important ideas and information.


Study Skills

Students in this program learn to read and study textbooks and nonfiction effectively and efficiently. They learn a step-by-step approach to determine how information is organized and identify main ideas and supporting details, and learn how to take clear and effective notes. Students learn these skills through in-class instruction and through interactive online lessons at home.


Reading for Pleasure

As a result of increased reading speed and stronger comprehension, students in this program find reading easier and more enjoyable and get more out of what they read. Each student receives individualized guidance for selecting books from a booklist summarizing hundreds of great novels.

Summer 2017 Priority List

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