Reading Programs

Students in this program learn beginning reading skills and develop a love of books. Your child will learn letter recognition, phonics, and sight words, and will begin to read simple words and sentences.


Beginning Phonics

An experienced reading teacher will teach your child to match letters with the individual sounds they stand for, and to blend letters together to read words. Your child will work with our fun Phonics Reader, Let's Read!, in class and will continue to build phonics skills at home through interactive online instruction featuring reading superhero Bookman.


Sight Words

Being able to recognize common words such as “the” and “is” by sight makes learning to read much easier and provides a big boost in confidence. Your child will learn sight words through direct instruction in class and fun online lessons at home.


Reading Words & Sentences

In addition to learning beginning phonics skills, your child will learn to sound out simple words and read short sentences in a fun phonics reader containing simple stories.


Love of Reading

In class, your child will listen to the teacher read aloud from classic picture books. Your child will also participate in comprehension-building discussions and enjoyable book enrichment activities, such as acting out stories. At home, you will read aloud to your child and Bookman will show you fun book activities to do together. This experience fosters a love of books and reading, and will provide motivation for learning to read.

Summer 2017 Priority List

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