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A Flexible, High-Dosage Tutoring Program to Address Learning Disruption and Get Students Excited about Reading

Minimal district effort, maximum results | Increase instructional time without burdening district staff | Boost student outcomes and test scores | Address social and emotional learning objectives without expending resources

Program Components

Flexible Program Options for Every Grade Level

girl in fourth grade online class

We offer five 6-week sessions throughout the year: Back-to-school, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Sessions can start at any time during the year, depending on your school or district’s needs. Sessions can be held as part of regular instruction or can be held as part of your school’s extended learning options.

Every session teaches developmentally appropriate reading and writing skills, builds student confidence through structured practice, and increases enjoyment and enthusiasm for reading.

At the center of the program are outstanding books, carefully selected to engage students at the right level of challenge. Each session provides new curriculum and materials for students at each grade, PreK-12.

girl in fourth grade online class

Engaging Virtual Reading Instruction

girl in fourth grade online class
girl in fourth grade online class

Once a week, students attend an exciting live online class led by an Institute reading teacher. During every class, students participate in engaging book discussions and learn valuable reading and writing skills. Provided by leaders in online education, Institute Instructors create a stimulating online environment that students look forward to week after week.

Between classes, students get dedicated time reading each week and complete interactive lessons that build confidence and core reading skills. From phonics and sight words for younger children, to textbook strategies and comprehension for older students, our programs teach key reading skills for each grade.

One-on-One, On-Demand ELA Support

girl in fourth grade online class

Students have access to one-on-one, on-demand support from our highly-trained instructors. Students not only receive support with their program work, but can also receive support on any ELA-related coursework outside of our program.

Institute Instructors understand the skills students need to succeed in each stage of reading development and how to engage and motivate them online. They know how to inspire and encourage students to grow as readers and make continuous progress. Instructors’ personal love of reading makes a big difference in the way students see their relationship to books.

girl in fourth grade online class

Comprehensive Communication and Support

girl in fourth grade online class
girl in fourth grade online class

The Institute of Reading Development provides everything your school or district needs, from enrollment to post-session reporting.

Outreach: Custom content (flyers and email) to share throughout your district and boost enrollment

Implementation: Student enrollment and program implementation

Support: Dedicated student support; Technical support before, during, and after class

Make a Big Impact on Your Students This Year

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Research-Based Curriculum

Since 1970, many colleges, universities, and other non-profits have partnered with the Institute in order to bring proven, high-quality reading instruction to students across the country.

Group sessions, individual lessons, and on-demand support are based in literacy research and cover developmentally appropriate reading and writing skills.

Since being founded in 1970, the Institute of Reading Development’s mission has remained constant: teach students key reading skills and provide great experiences with great books – all in service of becoming strong, enthusiastic readers.